Monday, August 15, 2016

July 2016 - Unit Trust Portfolio Update

July was a good month. XIRR since inception improved to 2.32% , with XIRR YTD at 7.86% and actual return YTD at 4.45% as of end July. United Gold and General Fund was up by 53.7%. I received dividends of $1,024.09.

I decided to liquidate $60,000 from the unit trust portfolio, as I planned to reduce the size of the portfolio and channel it to my low cost portfolio instead. I planned to liquidate another $100K within this year and might completely wind down the unit trust portfolio next year. The reason? I was sick of paying $200+ every quarter for "platform fee" i.e $800+ every year. I also felt more comfortable with my own low cost portfolio performance. I believe I'm not the only one doing this and I wasn't surprised iFAST latest result showed half year profit dropped by 62% compared to a year ago.

Transactions in July 2016:
1. Sold
Blackrock World Energy Fund A2 SGD-H $1,629.01
Fidelity China Focus A SGD $678.28
Fidelity European High Yield A EUR EUR 3,522.24
First State Dividend Advantage $9,436.13
FTIF-Templeton Global Fd A $10,329.85
Fullerton Short Term Int Rt C S$ $10,584.67
HGIF Brazil Eqty SGD Cl AD $1,605.78
HGIF Russia Eqty SGD Cl AD $872.75
United Emerging Markets Bond Fund $2,993.31
United SGD Fund Cl A Acc SGD $16,065.32

Link to Yaruzi's unit trust portfolio allocation as of July 2016

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