Saturday, May 16, 2020

April 2020 - Yaruzi's Portfolio Update

Stock market indexes around the world rebounded in April. US, especially, staged a strong rebound supported by unprecedented money printing by the FED. The fear of losing out and greed fuelled the stock market up, despite many people losing jobs and uncertainties awaiting.

I bought Proshares Ultrashort S&P500 as a hedge. It is a 2xleveraged inverse ETF where it would gain value if S&P 500 lost value. I sold some China Mobile during the rebound to reduce my allocation on it and bought Ping An Insurance. I also bought ST Engineering.

3-Apr-2020Proshares Ultrashort S&P500BuyUSD340.000029.469010,019.46
3-Apr-2020Proshares Ultrashort S&P500BuyUSD340.000029.27999,955.17
8-Apr-2020Proshares Ultrashort S&P500BuyUSD360.000026.09999,395.96
28-Apr-2020Proshares Ultrashort S&P500BuyUSD440.000022.910010,080.40
20-Apr-2020China MobileSellHKD1,500.000060.400090,600.00
20-Apr-2020Ping An InsuranceBuyHKD1,000.000078.650078,650.00
24-Apr-2020ST EngineeringBuySGD3,000.00003.19009,570.00

As usual, I added $5,000 of fresh funds to the portfolio. Return YTD recovered from -11.55% in March to -5.48% in April. XIRR YTD was -15.91% and XIRR since inception recovered to 2.22%. Equity allocation was 79.83% at the end of April. Total dividends received in April was $280.42.

DateSecurities NameFCYSGD
1-Apr-2020Tassal Group Ltd260.77226.48
15-Apr-2020Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd166.4253.94

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of April 2020.