Friday, February 6, 2015

Goal Review in January 2015

1. Read 2 chapters of bible every day.
Reading bible enriched me with wisdom to live my life. It also gave me strength when I was going through rough patch. Most of the time I read more than 2 chapters a day, however there were days where I didn't read any. For this I gave my self an 80% mark, which to say I have room to improve.

2. Exercise 4 x 45 minutes every week.
I managed to maintain the discipline to excerise 4x45 minutes a week. There was time when I almost skipped a session or 2 due to hectic schedule in the office and with the family. I marked myself a good 100% on this.

3. Reduce my weight by 5 kg, from 78.5 kg to 73.5 kg.
In the beginning of the year, I told myself to get healthier and lost that extra weight. My target was to lose 5 kg a year or an average 0.4-05 kg a month. I managed to lost 1 kg in January alone, so I was pretty happy with the result. I gave myself a 100% mark on weight loss.

4. Save $90K, and use the fund to grow my investment portfolio from $265K to $355K.
I contributed a fresh fund of $5,000 in January into my unit trust investment portfolio. I still have 11 months to meet the targeted $90K total savings to be invested. As it stood in January, I only fulfilled 5.56% of the total target.

5. Achieve 4% return on my investment on average weighted basis.
January was a good month with the total profit in January alone exceed the whole 2014 profit. Assume the portfolio grows at this rate for the whole of 2015, I will achieve 20.94% return by end of 2015. However I don't think that will be realistic, because there will be up and down. I marked the performance of the portfolio a perfect 100% in January.

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