Sunday, January 24, 2016

Great Chinese New Year Sale!

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you wanted to buy something, but you couldn't afford it? You walked off and you passed the same shop every day, hoping that you could eventually afford it some day. How would you react when the shop put a sign "SALE: 20% OFF SELECTED ITEMS + 4% CASH REBATE"? You started to contemplate, but again you walked off, hoping that the shop will offer greater discount next month. The following week, the shop put another sign "SALE: 40% OFF ALL ITEMS + 6% CASH REBATE". Would you still walk off or jump into the shoppers queue?

I guess if you have been waiting to buy something that you always dream of, you will eventually jump at the opportunity.You will probably be more worried, if the items go out of stock, than getting more discount by waiting another week. 

That's exactly how I felt these recent weeks. I've been wanting to increase my exposure to equity since I started this journey 3 years ago. Back then, I just felt the price was not too attractive with major stock indexes at their all time high and any dip barely touch 10% before the major stock indexes recovered and reached new all time high. Frankly, I've been waiting for the fire sale to happen!! I've been buying into equities if you follow my previous posts, and I really pray that the sale will not end so soon as I will be injecting fresh funds over the coming months.

It's strange how human mind works. Things we do right when we shop, we'll do just the opposite when it comes to investing. Instead of getting excited, we're paralyzed when market is being generous. Penny wise pound foolish, heh?

There are a few posts I want to write, but I'll be pretty occupied in the next few weeks as I'm preparing for exam. So pardon me, if you don't see me too active in updating the blog. Oh ya, I also added a link to the Rolf Suey, another blogger friend. You can find the link at the blog roll section. Do visit his page to pick a cent or two.


  1. Hi Yaruzi,

    Agree that although concept is the but when stake piles, anxiety grows, decision changes!
    Yes.. penny wise, pound foolish!

    By the way, thanks for adding/referral and more importantly state me as a blogger friend. :-)

    All the best to your exam! Wish you pass with flying colors.

  2. Thank you Rolf, I definitely need the well wishes ;-).