Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 2016 - Low Cost Portfolio Update

I was waiting for buying opportunity in June. So when BREXIT presented such opportunity, I jumped with excitement. I bought China Mobile and Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa, which I had observed for some time. I also bought Prada in late May.

I contributed $23,000 fresh fund into the low cost portfolio in June. I also received dividends from DBS. I opted for scrip dividends and I received 7 DBS shares. Return YTD was 2.13% as of end June. XIRR since inception turned positive for the first time. Equity allocation was 51%, with bond and cash at 49%. The allocation would give me ample room to purchase more equities should there be significant correction in the near future. Overall, I'm rather happy with the performance of the low cost portfolio so far this year.

I'll stick with the strategy of acquiring good reputable companies that pay dividends regularly and increase them over time, aside of low cost ETF. At the same time, I'll pace my equity purchase to maintain a pre-defined allocation of equities and bonds, depending on market level.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of June 2016

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