Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Recent Buy - First REIT

Add 4900 shares of First REIT @ 1.03 on 19 November 2018. The purchase brought my total holdings of First REIT to 11500 shares @ 1.1504. After my purchase yesterday, it gets sold down further to 92 cents a share before recovering to 97.5 cents at closing today.

There was a lot of fear that the issue plaguing First REIT main sponsor, Lippo Karawaci, will eventually affect the REIT. Investors may be nervous with all the negative news flowing from the corruption case involving Lippo group in it's flag project, Meikarta, credit rating downgrade, concerns on possible rights issue to fund acquisition of OUE Lippo Healthcare assets, to tenant concentration risk with Lippo group being the major tenant of First REIT. Weak market didn't help either.

I added to my existing position with the belief that there was long term fundamental story for healthcare need. My view is that healthcare needs will grow for many years to come. I understood that I bore the risk of being at the wrong side, but my risk was less than 2% of my total portfolio. I will see how Lippo group navigate all the headwinds, and ready to add more at lower price if they prove that they'll have a higher chance to survive these ordeals.


  1. Nice! Added First REIT as well. Cheers!

    1. Cheers UI, I hope we didn't end up at the wrong side.

  2. I think is good price. Lots of MOS.

  3. HI Yaruzi. I'm vested in First and think this is a good call. By the way, any chance you could share your Google sheet template with me?

  4. Good call, I will need to buy some as well at the price under 1.0 dollar.