Friday, April 17, 2020

March 2020 - Yaruzi's Portfolio Update

Fear gripped the market in March as COVID-19 spread globally and took its toll. Stock markets all over the world kept hitting limit down and forced the FED's hand to announce an unprecedented stimulus. My heart went for the most vulnerable in the society. With the economy shutting down, these group of people lost their source of income. I think Singapore is rather fortunate as our government has been prudent in managing the country's finance and has the necessary reserves to tide us during this difficult time.

I have been preparing myself for a time such as this and March presented a good buying opportunity. I was on purchasing spree and used almost $185k from my war chest. I also took a small position in an inverse ETF for hedging when the market rebounded. Portfolio return YTD was -11.55% at the end of March and XIRR YTD was -39.45%. XIRR since inception was at 0%, practically giving back all the profits accumulated since 2015. Equity allocation was at 76.88%, cash and equivalent was at 19.51%.

9-Mar-2020Royal Dutch Shell PLC-BBuyGBP480.000013.06536,271.32
12-Mar-2020Gudang GaramBuyIDR1,600.000044,400.000071,040,000.00
12-Mar-2020Kalbe FarmaBuyIDR67,000.00001,055.000070,685,000.00
12-Mar-2020Diageo PLCBuyGBP275.000024.31236,685.88
12-Mar-2020Unilever PLCBuyGBP165.000038.10006,286.50
12-Mar-2020Berkshire Hathaway BBuyUSD37.0000180.17116,666.33
12-Mar-20203M CoBuyUSD49.0000136.07996,667.92
13-Mar-2020Heineken Malaysia BhdBuyMYR2,000.000021.843043,686.00
13-Mar-2020Tencent HoldingsBuyHKD100.0000341.800034,180.00
13-Mar-2020Alibaba Group HoldingsBuyHKD300.0000183.200054,960.00
13-Mar-2020Parkwaylife REITBuySGD3,000.00003.09009,270.00
16-Mar-2020Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BhdBuySGD1,000.000019.962019,962.00
17-Mar-2020Parkwaylife REITBuySGD3,200.00002.84009,088.00
18-Mar-2020Royal Dutch Shell PLC-BBuyGBP670.00009.30906,237.03
18-Mar-2020Capitaland Mall TrustBuySGD4,800.00001.91009,168.00
18-Mar-2020Facebook IncBuySGD47.0000141.55006,652.85
20-Mar-2020Indofood CBP Sukses MakmurBuyIDR8,600.00008,349.709371,807,499.98
20-Mar-2020Unilever IndonesiaBuyIDR13,600.00005,275.000071,740,000.00

I received a total dividends of $1,113.58 in March from First REIT and Royal Dutch Shell. The cut in dividends should be expected with companies preserving cash to stay solvent.

DateSecurities NameFCYSGD
13-Mar-2020First REIT887.95887.95
25-Mar-2020Royal Dutch Shell PLC-B133.24225.63

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of March 2020


  1. your portfolio should do well.

    1. Hi Kyith, thank you. I was actually hoping for the market to stabilize without much intervention. But alas FED really rigged the market.

    2. this is too big liao. they needed to do communist things.