Sunday, August 2, 2015

Goal Review in May and June 2015

1. Read 2 chapters of bible every day.
I was rather disorganized in these 2 months, but on average I read bibles 5-6 days a week in these 2 months. I gave myself 77% for these 2 months. There were many useful lessons one can learnt from God's word. I needed to ensure I had the discipline, so I didn't miss the valuable lesson.

2. Exercise 4 x 45 minutes every week.
It was school holiday, and I was spending time and enjoying life with the kids and my wife. I was relaxing too much and not pushing myself hard enough to keep with my exercise routine. On average I was only achieving 60% of my goal in this area in May and June.

3. Reduce my weight by 5 kg, from 78.5 kg to 73.5 kg.
My weight surged back up to above 78 kg with the holiday and eating out. Fortunately I was able to bring it back to 77.8 kg by end June. Score as of June remained at 14%.

4. Save $90K, and use the fund to grow my investment portfolio from $265K to $355K.
I continued my contribution regularly, $3,000 in May and another $3,000 in June. Total fresh fund invested ytd: $74,000. Score as of June was 82%.

5. Achieve 4% return on my investment on average weighted basis.
I had a mixed result in this area. My unit trust portfolio YTD return was 8.78% in May and 6.36% in June on annualized basis. While my low cost portfolio YTD return was 1.6% in May and -2.08% in June on annualized basis. I believed both portfolio need more time before I could gauge the long term return rate more accurately.

Due to increase commitment in other areas of my life, I may have lesser time to blog. Next goal review will be done on a quarterly basis.


  1. Yaruzi,

    I must give you props for going against the flow.

    Either you are totally unaware, or totally don't give a damn ;)

    It's like Wholelife versus Term insurance - no respectable financial blogger will want to be caught dead with Wholelife or Endowment polices. Crawl into a hole if they were to admit holding ILPs...

    Similar to buy Term and invest the rest, now it's popular to "parrot" ditching actively managed unit trusts and switch to passive lost cost index funds...

    Well, that makes you the few financial bloggers who still uses unit trusts as your main investing vehicle ;)

    As someone who used to opportunistically position trade (buy and sell within 6 to 18 months) unit trusts, I am definitely share the similar shade of black as you! Although I must say ETFs are much better as trading vehicles ;)


    P.S. In case you didn't get my sugar-coated poke, when you do your goal/portfolio review may have less to do with time, and more to do with your entry/exit "time frame".

    You are either a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.

  2. Haha SMOL,

    Thanks for your sweet poke :-). I can only say I have my reasons for doing what I'm doing.
    Honestly I'm still pretty new with the low cost strategy and I'd like to spend a little bit more time before getting truly comfortable with it.