Friday, August 21, 2015

July 2015 - Low Cost Portfolio Update

Market continued to sell off in July. Indeed as of 21 Aug 2015, it seemed clearer that the global stock market had started to peak in April (see table below). While some people might feel stress looking at the paper loss in their portfolio, I'm actually rather excited as I've been waiting for such time and opportunity to come. It's been a while since I last saw STI traded below 3000 points.

As of 31 July 2015, my low cost portfolio was down -6.48% in weighted annualized basis. Portfolio allocation was 40% stocks, 40% bonds, 20% cash. Portfolio performance was supported partly because of the strengthening of USD and HKD.

I made my regular contribution of $3,000,00 to the low cost portfolio. Total investment as of July $72,000.00. I received a distribution of $100.80 from United SGD Fund Cl A (Dis), which I reinvested back to the fund.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of July 2015


  1. Ha ha!

    You were prepared too!

    Ar ber then?

    How many retail got do asset allocation like - equities, bonds, cash?

    Some bigger players may even add properties, precious metals into the mix ;)


  2. In my personal opinion, small bear at best. The condition for a crash in the same magnitude as great financial crisis is just not there. Any way, small bear/bull, big bear/bull coming, as an eagle I will just fly :-).