Saturday, March 5, 2016

Life After The Exam

A Little Celebration

My family had been craving on sushi and sashimi ever since our trip to Japan last December. Since I was burning weekends to prepare for my exam, we had not really spend time and enjoy our weekend out as a family.

So the weekends after I passed, we went to Sushi Tei. Then followed by our movie dates, watching Zootopia with a large box of popcorn and large cup of coke for the whole family to share. The dinner and movie cost around $150, but the happy look on the kids' faces and the time we got to enjoy together was just priceless!

And yes, we didn't forget to give thanks to our Lord and pray together as a family before we had our little celebration.

New Blogger Friends

GV from GiraffeValue was very kind to share with me a complete guide on Singapore REITS investing. It consisted of 7 chapters and GV spent more than 100 hours writing them. It's definitely worth your time, especially if you're interested to invest in Singapore REITS. The complete guide can be found on this link.

TFS from The Finance Smith, who are like minded working professionals aiming for financial independence. TFS invest in ETF and dividend stocks.

I'm adding their blog links in my blog roll.

Exercise Again!

I resumed my exercise routine. I added some resistance training as I reduced my cardio duration.

Return of The Bull

Global stock markets sprang back into life with the return of the bull. So much for all the mumbo jumbo that the end of world had arrived. The good thing is my portfolio manage to regain some ground. The bad thing is I'm not sure if I can continue buying cheap, especially when I expect to receive my bonus in March.

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