Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Long Weekend

My wife suggested that we spent this Friday holiday in Johor. We had not been there for a while, and it might just be a good time to enjoy nice affordable restaurant and visit JPO to buy some new clothing. I thought, why not. So to Johor we went. We left home at 9am.

I wasn't feeling good seeing the long queue for 170X to Johor in Kranji MRT station. I wanted to suggest we change our plan, but wasn't having better ideas either. We asked an uncle wearing an SBS uniform, which queue for 170X. He suggested that we crossed the overhead bridge, and took 168 or 170. I saw the queue on the other side was shorter, so we crossed the overhead bridge and queue.

We finally boarded the bus at around 11 and reached Woodlands checkpoint shortly. We're fortunate the queue for immigration clearance was short. After we cleared immigration, we boarded the bus again towards Johor. Traffic was very heavy and barely moved. It was almost 1pm and we had not reached Johor. Some passengers requested to get off the bus and choose to walk. We did too when the complex was about 10 minutes walk.

We entered the building and it was just super crowded with people queuing to clear immigration. We quickly made our way to the last few counters. It was almost 3pm when we finally managed to pass the immigration. We're hungry and tired. It's almost late evening, so we cancel our plan to go to the JPO.

We went Canton-I in City Square, ordered some food and had our late lunch. When we're hungry, all food taste heavenly and the kids finished the food fast. Then we strolled inside the shopping malls. The kids bought their toys and my wife bought some Malaysian snacks. We spent time until evening before we had our dinner in Bornga before we returned.

Fortunately it's much faster when returning. I guessed because most people planned to spend their weekend in Johor and would only returned Sunday night. Overall a pleasant journey, and the whole family was having a great time and food! The precious time spent overcame the 6 hour ordeal, though we agreed we would not want to go there again during a long weekend next time.

Happy Pass Over everyone!

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