Sunday, May 29, 2016

Yaruzi Bought His First Ever Prada!

I'll probably never know why people, especially ladies, are willing to spend thousand of dollars for a "bag". But I figured out that the company selling them would make a nice profit. It's not a surprised that Prada's gross margin is at 72.37%! Yes you read it right. For every $10,000 you spend on Prada's bag, the actual cost to produce the bag is $2,730.

So instead of buying the bag, I decided to buy 1000 shares of Prada at HKD 25.35 per share today.


  1. So maybe this Prada can have higher capital or Divdiend cashflow than the product "Prada"!


    Good choice!

    1. Hi Rolf,

      I was looking for a "Prada" that will appreciate overtime, instead of depreciating. Hopefully it can buy me the real "Prada" one day ... LOL.