Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 2016 - Low Cost Portfolio Update

The low cost portfolio ended May with a positive result. YTD profit was 1.57% as of end of May. A fresh fund of $4,000 was injected to the portfolio. I received a total dividend of $550.75 from Keppel Corp ($198), Venture ($300), and First REIT ($52.75).

Portfolio allocation was 49.01% equity vs 50.99% in bonds and cash, before I bought my first ever Prada on 30th May. The Prada purchase will be reflected in the June portfolio update.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of May 2016


  1. Yaruzi,

    Its great fun for me to compare the performances of your unit trust and low cost portfolios.

    When you hit your peak earning and savings capacity, you'll know WHERE to allocate your serious money ;)

    Based on your actual track record; not promises :)

    Very few investors practice - Trust but Verify.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I just try to find what works for me without prejudice ;-). I enjoy the little time I need to spend tracking the unit trust portfolio, which allows me more time doing other things. But I also enjoy the learning experience on my low cost portfolio.