Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Nov 2020 - Yaruzi's Portfolio Update

The stock market bounced back from October lows with the news that Pfizer vaccines found to be 95% effective. I received some cash proceeds from the sale of my HDB flat, which I injected into the portfolio. However, my debt had increased significantly with me taking a new home loan. My plan was to reduce the loan amount should the interest rate increased.

I added $115,000 from the sale proceeds and made some purchases. Equity allocation was at 93.25%, with the rest in cash or short term bonds. Return YTD was -4.25%, XIRR YTD was -5.75%, and XIRR since inception turned green once again to 1.87%.

11-Nov-2020Alibaba Group HoldingsBuyHKD200.0000256.400051,280.00
17-Nov-2020Jumbo Group LtdBuySGD32,000.00000.324810,395.00
24-Nov-2020Tassal Group LtdBuyAUD3,000.00003.660010,980.00
24-Nov-2020Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaBuyHKD12,000.00004.570054,840.00
24-Nov-2020Jumbo Group LtdBuySGD30,000.00000.31679,500.10
24-Nov-2020Reckitt BenckiserBuyGBP100.000064.74006,474.00
26-Nov-2020Mapletree Industrial TrustBuySGD3,100.00002.96009,176.00
26-Nov-2020SAP SEBuyEUR180.0000100.120018,021.60

I received total dividends of $1,487.32 in November.

DateSecurities NameFCYSGD
19-Nov-2020Heineken Malaysia Bhd2,480.08808.51
19-Nov-2020Capitaland Integrated Commercial Trust569.67569.67
24-Nov-2020Unilever PLC61.15109.15

On a personal front, there are a few things going on for me at the moment. I plan to take a sabbatical from blogging to allow me to focus on a few personal priorities at hand. God permits, I'll return to blogging when my situations allow. Merry Christmas and God bless. Amen!

Link to Yaruzi's portfolio as of November 2020


  1. Bro, Blessed Christmas to you and your family!


    1. Hi Bro, how are you doing. Merry Christmas to you and family. Wish you a great 2021!

  2. Hi Yazuri,

    Merry Xmas to you and your family!
    Your portfolio is amazing! May I have your view on Alibaba? I purchased baba at 278; wondering if it will continue to fall. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with baba, it's all about politics play now. =(


    1. Hi Midlife Crisis, merry Christmas to you and family.

      Back in 2018, Tencents share price corrected about 55% from its high when Chinese government imposed a curfew on online gaming for minors. Did the Chinese government intend to "kill" Tencents? No, but they needed to do something to avoid Tencents profiting at the expense of ruining the future of younger Chinese generations. Fast forward, the share price has doubled from its low back then.

      Now, I'm not saying Alibaba will follow the same pattern like Tencents was. But ask the question about the long term fundamental of what Alibaba offer in their business model. Yes there could be slower growth and margin compression in the immediate future when Chinese government introduces additional regulations to level the playing field. Is Chinese Government intended to destroy "Alibaba"? I don't believe so, but they needed to do something now so the Chinese economy is not only dependent on a few big companies. Will e-commerce continue to be a way of life 10 years down the road? Absolutely.

      About your entry, I can't really comment because it depends on your position sizing. Whether you bought at 278 or 100, if you sized your purchase according to your comfort level and you diversified your portfolio well, I think you should be ok. But If you're losing sleep, your BABA position may be a bit too big. That's the case, you may consider reducing some.